Yoga teachers, visit India, yes or no?

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If you’ve never heard of Jay Conrad Levinson… he is like Sage Patanjali of Marketing, so having a lunch with Jay in London was a real treat.

At the table Jay turned to me and asked what I did for living, I first went red, then  raised my head and replied with pride “marketing for yoga teachers”.

Before I managed to say anything else, Jay just waved his hand and said, “ah, forget about it, yoga teachers, there is no consistency, they go to their India and leave the business behind hoping for the best, I know because my cousin’s son is a yogi and I can’t get him to stay consistent with his marketing, no wonder he is always broke!”

yoga Teachers in India

After that conversation about yoga marketing was over. But it did make me wonder, if spending months in India is part of yoga teachers journey and a necessary part for self development, how can teachers keep on top of marketing and business whilst been away?

With today’s technology surely there must be a way to maintain consistency in marketing from anywhere in the world?

Or the question is, do yoga teachers really care about consistency when it comes to business side of yoga? After all should yoga teachers be really marketing their yoga or should they be doing what they are best at – teaching yoga?

This question can be left open of course for individuals to answer, except it raises further questions:

If yoga teachers can’t or even won’t market yoga classes, retreats etc, can self-employed yogis, like most teachers are, afford hiring marketing agencies to hand over tier marketing? or can they afford not to?

And should teachers choose to manage own marketing, are they well informed, and most importantly well-prepared for uninterrupted marketing campaign whilst being out in India?

Here are quick 3 tips for staying on top of your marketing when you are away if you can’t hand over your business to someone else:

Yoga Teachers in India

Tip #1: Keeping in touch with customers these days is so easy. Start using professional email management system, such as Getresonse or Constant Contact, will help you automate most of your marketing tasks whether home or away.

Tip #2: Just because you are away, it does not mean you can not build a list of yoga prospects, using same email management program will ensure you are building a list of qualified customers and building relations with minimum or zero effort.

Tip #3: Keep those promotions coming in. Even if you are back in town in 3months, keep sending those email newsletters about your return date, new classes and teachings. Keep people excited, when you can’t wait to share what you love, people can’t wait to hear from you, but you do need to remind us.

With smart phones and Internet cafes everywhere these days, there is no excuse for not keeping on top of your yoga promotions and marketing. You’ll be grateful you did it when you enter into a busy studio.

We at Yoga Business Academy are course happy to advice yoga teachers about yoga marketing and management.

So if that interests you, just get in touch

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Happy Yoga in India
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