Can you take your yoga website to number one in Google search?

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Google recently slapped something like 50 million small business websites, in fact they called it just like that “Google Slap”.

In simple terms it means, if you had a yoga website that appeared in the Google search-engine…on page one, that was good.

But after the “slap” it no longer exists in Google, consiquently people can not find you on the Google search and now it’s bad, even though your website still exists.

That’s not all, tt gets even worse if we remember that Google also feeds all other search engines, so not only your website is no longer visable in the godfather of engines, but also it vanishes from all other searches too 🙁

Crazy as it sounds, it raises a question, why would Google block your website from the search? And if it has not yet, can your website be the next?

The rules of the online game are changing and changing fast.

If you want people to find your yoga website (or whatever your business is, therapy, holistic etc) you have to do more than just build it.

The question is, how do you avoid vanishing from the cyberspace?

It’s actually very simple, you just have to follow the number one rules: Stick to the rules!

We recenctly re-modified our Yoga Business Academy website according to Google rules, and virtually overnight, Yoga Business Academy climbed to number one position.

Which means if you search for yoga business, or yoga marketing or any related terms in Google, out of 22million + website returns Yoga Business Academy is number one in Free Google pages, in other words we pay zero to be number one.

See the proof…or better Google yoga business yourself

Yoga Business Google

Google yoga website

We, of course as Yoga Business Consultants are happy to show you how you can position your yoga website number one in your niche overnight, and how to avoid vanishing your business from cyberspace.

Do you want us to show you how? it’s really easy:

Step One: Send us an email CLICK HERE now and include your contact details or fill out THIS FORM
Step Two: Suitability interview arranged
Step Three: Detailed agreed
Step Four: Enjoy taking your yoga website number one in Google

That’s all from me for now, but before I leave you just a final question

If your yoga website was number one in Google, how many more client prospects would see your service, hence how would it affect your profits?

Om Shanti
Tamara Machavariani

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