How the world could be a better place in 2017 – Merry Christmas

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Christmas is a strange day for me. I grew up in a country where baby Jesus was fictionalised for the kids fairy tales, although some grandparents still kept the tradition of lighting candles and saying the edited version of the Lord prayers in hushed voices. Then there came the Hollywood movies on Christmas shopping and a brand Santa Claus. Finally when I moved to London in 2001 Christmas became a fast learning curve on political correctness and how to replace Merry Christmas in favour of Season’s Greetings.

I was confused, and since my, Georgian, hence Orthodox Christmas, is on the 7th of January anyways, I gave up on the idea of what Christmas really meant. Instead for the past 16 years I have been
looking forward to Christmas in order to do one thing above all, put my feet up, watch Beautiful Life and scribble notes of future desires and aspirations for the year ahead.

This Christmas is no exception.

So in no particular order and through the reflections of 2016, here are my notes how the world could be a better place in 2017, but above all, all that is left to say to all of you who crossed our studio
threshold, sent us emails, read our articles, listened to our interviews and bothered to send us cards this Christmas, thanks you and cheers to a happy Merry Christmas.

Here are my 10 ways how the world could be better in 2017…

  1. Would you like Italian red for dinner and avocado on toast for lunch? Let’s take a nationalism talk a notch down.

2. Democracy was born in ancient Greece… it is here to stay.

3. The Medici family in Florence left many legacies, they run many important businesses… from home. 6 centuries later it remains natural to work and live within easy commute to work.

4. Architecture and passive houses will continue to save resources and help us move towards becoming self sufficient.

5. Brown bags are freely available, it’s time to ditch plastic.

6. Cars are outdated concept, time to rethink the road infrastructure

7. Where there is life, there is hope – Syria

8. Organically grown food should be a requirement

9. Next Season of Game of Thrones comes out in 2017

10. New Millennials will support businesses that stand up for something

And above all we will have new challenges to tackle, we should embrace and make it a success whatever that might be…

And on this hopeful note, I wish you all a happy New Year and a peaceful Christmas Holidays.


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