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Deadline Yoga MarketingSo your yoga retreat is a month away and you’ve got to enrol 5 more students to make the trip worthwhile (hey, we all been there).

Emergency advertising? Last minute promotion? …The question is which one to go for without costing you a bomb yet bringing you return on investment?

Or should you really be worrying about marketing yourself on top of everything you do?

Breathe in and out, keep calm, here are just three deadline  marketing tips to ROCK that yoga business in no time!


Emergency yoga website makover
Does your website have a good online presence? Did you know that just making a tiny readjustments to your website you can easily push your website ranking up in just 48 hours or less!


Deadline fliers
Have you been using same fliers? Did you know changing just a few words on your flier can take you from NO sale to GO GO SALEs? Test it Now! Get into the mindset of your buyers, appeal to your audiances emotions, use words that mean something to them. For example, “Melt Away Fat on Mat” might work better than “deepen your yoga practice”…


Rapid yoga marketing plan
Hey, when was it last time you reviewed your yoga marketing strategy? Your yoga business is like a flowing, ever-evolving asana… you don’t stop, stretch, refine, readjust and feed your market. Grab a journal, find a quiet corner and flow into some serious brainstorming.

We of course as Yoga Business Consultancy are happy to help you hit your deadline—whether it’s an opening of a new studio, getting more clients, retreat holiday in 1 month, 3 months or 6 months away—without wrecking your health or driving you insane.

PACK your classes NOW!

Do what you love, teach yoga, leave the rest to yoga business  professionals. All you have to do is:

Step ONE:
Fill out the FORM

Step TWO:
Indicate what exactly you need in your yoga marketing right now.

For example, get more clients in the next 3months, better yoga marketing plan, new website, sales letter for next retreat etc

We will then contact you and send you available time slots. Pick one that suits you the best and we will take it from there Keep on doing great job teaching yoga

Tamara Machavariani


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