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You don’t need to be born a marketing guru to have yoga marketing style yogic way – there are so many perfect examples, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Iyengar…!

Yogic marketing is an attitude, a state of mind.

Between this studio and that studio, successful yoga teachers studio is always the first, never second.

A successful yoga studio steps lightly around the standards set by “yoga authorities”.

Her secret? She breathes in and out the air in equall balance and puts it back to good use, her way, and always with the same aim: Marketing and yoga should be fun.

A successful and happy yogi follows a few golden rules, but she likes to transgress, too. It’s part of the WHOLE, holistic being.

Here’s my 9 point guide to the healthy yoga marketing Gene Code!

1. Bye-bye bling
Logos and trademarks is not her thing. She understands logos don’t pay studio rent (At least not right now). Instead she puts her head down and focuses on what brings clients in – marketing her yoga.

2. Certificates no more
she wants to deepen her practice for HER lovely SELF. What’s the use of another certificate if noones coming in to learn? Back to work!

3. Expensive advertising?
Why, when you can advertise free?

4. She gives what people want
Her attitude? “Don’t need to get in touch with your inner god? How about I can make you slim and help you sleep, Shall I book you in?”

5. Attitude
“Don’t have time for Shavasana? I’ll give you money back, and please don’t come back, this is not how we work”

6. Touch of arrogance
When her bank manager asks “occupation – yoga teacher?”, she fast replies, “No, I own a business it teaches yoga”!

7. Waship no idols!
She loves her gurus, but she is an icon of yoga world in her own right! “I’ll mix and match the styles today see how it goes”!

8. Latest news from marketing?
Following trends is something she hates but “I’ll do it IF it feels right”

9. Exploring… in her terms
“How can I explore the world and get paid for doing it?” That’s why she is setting up her teachers training school in India…

To your happy yoga DNA
Tamara Machavariani
Yoga Business Academy


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