Commercializing yoga or yogic jealousy

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Hot YogaIt’s so hot can’t even lift a finger, Next mat neighbour smells all natural, And as I watch black sweat rolling down my eyes, I make a firm decision to never again buy not water-proof mascara!

Bikram yoga experience!
As we move from one posture to another (or in my case crawl), my mind can not help but wonder… how on earth Bikram trademarked (quite frankly) familiar postures of yoga?

“Good on him” another thought sneaks in my mind, “look around Tamara, who cares its the only yoga room you visited in past 4 weeks or so, that takes 50 mats and if you fail to arrive 15 minutes before the class, you’ll be turned away home (like you were yesterday) in other words is always PACKED”.

…As I put aside an article – interview with Bikram – what made him successful in his style of yoga when so many others fail, I could not help but wonder, what is it the real secret to success in yoga?

Is it that one teacher is more passionate about their yoga than others?…

Or maybe it’s because one teacher has funds to finance their studio whilst others don’t?…erm, the world is kind of full of self-made him and her…

Oh I know… some just seem to be lucky?…except that somehow luck often seems to be a side effect…

OR…could it be that people have too much time on hands to criticize others whilst the other half (like Bikram) puts his head down and does his own thing…in other words follows own beliefs no matter what?

In the recent interview Bikram Chanduri stated, QUOTE: he did not have time to waste on idiots who criticized Bikram for commercialising yoga.

Which raises a question:

Yoga Class Marketing
Deep down, are we simply jealous of success (like Bikram), and if so do we try to cover up our insecurities by judging “commercialising” of yoga?

…If this is the case, then of course I can not help but wonder, if being successful in yoga (like having over 8,000 studios, 500 students in the class and helping chronically ill patients bring back to life) in some body’s mind translates to commercialising yoga, then it makes sense as to why many yoga professionals would choose not to market..or to put it correctly do a bit of “timid yoga marketing, make sure I don’t sound like I’m marketing”?

Or perhaps it has nothing to do with all above?… however the question that still bugs my mind is whatever the equation, in the yoga industry of nearly whopping 6 billion annual turnover, how come so many teachers just break-even?

I have more questions that I’d like to get an answer to, but I am late for my video meeting with a yoga teacher about her new yoga business…so have to go and leave you too here with your thoughts…

…And as to the question, will I go back to hot Bikram class? …This is the question I don’t have an answer to, but one this I know for certain… I will be wearing my new water-proof mascara if I do. 🙂

Keeeep sweaty
Tamara Machavariani


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