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How to Pull Back 60% of Missing Clients in Your Yoga Studio

Confused Yoga Teacher in Yoga Studio

One yoga teacher wrote “Tamara,

I have yoga clients that I have not seen in a while…I was thinking of sending cards but have no idea what to write in them without sounding desperate.”

Hmmmm… this is a problem ALL studios have to deal with. The fact is, most do not, they simply ignore it and chase new clients, daily, weekly, monthly annually.

If you think losing clients from your yoga studio doesn’t affect you, you are dead wrong!

First let me go over a few numbers with you (modify numbers accordingly).

Lets say you service…
100 clients in your studio a week.
10% of those clients do not return to your studio (average is 10%)
That is 10 clients a week you are slowly losing.

How much are those clients worth to your business?

Lets guess each client spends on average $60.00 each visit and they visit your studio 6 times a year (renewing class pack membership every 2 months or so…).

First lets add up the missing clients.

10 a week x 52 = 520 clients go missing every year!
Do you know how much they are worth?
Watch this…

520 x ($60 x 6) = 520 x 360 = $187,200
I know…crazy numbers
But this is your opportunity cost of losing clients

So, what’s the solution?
Pulling missing clients back is easy!

And they can be done in 5 steps:

  1. Get the names and addresses of your missing clients together on a sheet (excell or computer printout if you have one.)
  2. Start using professional email services
  3. Write your “get them back” email message
  4. Hit “send”, watch what happens
  5. Post same letter to your clients via second class mail
  6. NOW… here’s the trick you should know.

What do you write that they can not refuse your offer?
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To your yoga studio profits
Tamara Machavariani


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