Empty Yoga Classes in a City of a Million?

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Yoga Class in ManchesterI’m just back from my…5th yoga class in Manchester City which is my home in the next few  months.

5th yoga class and 5 students in the class…

Which raises a question, in the city population of one million how come there are only 5 students per class?

I know as far as statistics go, all the latest and trendy movements (like yoga) are notoriously well- known and popular in capital cities, (or some hippy towns down in West Coast of States) but surely city of one million, which also happens to be a trendy one, is big enough to attract more than 5 students per class?

Or is it the case that people are simply not interested in yoga and holistic wellness outside of the capitals?

If that is the case, I remember Dr. Deepak Chopra in Manchester Bridgwater House, pre-sold 1,000 tickets with hundrieds more on a waiting list who never managed to get in.

Which  raises a further question?

How can someone attract thousands of people in the same city where yoga teachers struggle to attract more than 5 students in the studio?

Which in iteself raises a further question, do we have to blame the size of the town and people’s lack of interest for empty classes or is the problem lies in marketing or the lack of it?

Now scaptics may say, well…Chopra is the world re-nounced figure that does not need much publicity…

If that is the case, then I wonder why Chopra continues to market and heavily promote himself, surely he does not need it anymore?

I will leave you to this and one more question that has been in my mind, ever since.

I started practicing yoga in Manchester:

Is yoga really not that popular or does it need better yoga marketing?

Tamara Machavariani


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