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Yoga StudioIf you don’t have a service strategy in your yoga studio it is time to get one and start manifesting more happy yoga customers.

Everybody hates selling, but everybody loves to serve.
Nobody loves to be sold but everybody loves to buy.

Have you ever felt you wanted to give a bit more details about your service, classes, workshops but you did not, perhaps in fear of coming across “saley”? Or maybe you did not feel comfortable enough to repeat yourself over and over?

Don’t worry

We’ve all been there

It’s all about balance…serve your customers, share what you need to share with confidence, without sounding desperate.

Here are some quick tips to help you step your customer service up yogic way.

1. Talk to customers
Drop that “if they want they will come” attitude please.

Talk to customers as you would to your friend. When someone makes an enquiry it makes sense to ask some extra questions, like “how long have you been practicing yoga? What do you love about it? Do you have any requirements?”…etc. Don’t just give directions and timetable…it just sounds cold…

Take customer data and email follow up details, keep communication flowing.

The fact is enquiry means what it means – enquiry, it is your duty to show that you care and help people get what they want.

2. Introduce first timers questionnaire.
It can help you find out valuable information, such as clients particular needs, interest, aspirations…which will help you tailor and deliver your services according to your customers needs.

3. Ask for feedback. You can do it 2 ways.
~ Have comments pages in the studio, and give students free will to fill out the form after the class.

~ From time to time ask your customers to fill out questionnaire forms. This can be used to find out specifics about your services, what are customers enjoying, or not enjoying, what they would love to have.

You really want to look for negative feedback, as that will help you grow and improve your cervices. Getting positive feedback is great (also for the ego), but it can prevent you from growing. To help students leave comment make it anonymous.

4. Make a no-sale follow up call
Show that you really care, ask your students if there is anything you can help them with. Especially if you have not heared from them in a while.

5. “There is no traffic at an extra mile”
Go that extra mile, exceed customer expectations. Think what else can you do to overdeliver your service? Don’t just deliver what you promised, OVERDELIVER.

Bottom line?

Happy customers manifest in your yoga studio AND they like bringing mates too.

Happy yoga customer service
Tamara Machavariani


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