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Bali Yoga Teacher Training BusinessWhen I first spoke to Linda how to get more interested prospects to join her upcoming  Intuitive Flow yoga teachers training she was not convinced…but agreed to make recommended changes to her marketing anyways.

Within 2 weeks time Linda emailed me to let me know that she’s gone from no enquiries to 34 enquires, 2 new future yoga teachers joining her teachers training in Bali ($9000 in sale) and more…she then was convinced…and happy:)

Read Linda’s story below how she went from no enquiries to 34 enquiries in less than 2 weeks.

The challenge:

Linda is a very successful yoga teacher, leading busy Intuitive Flow yoga retreats in Bali, which are always fully booked.

Linda, like many yogis also shares same passion towards yoga, healing and well-being. By sharing her gift of yoga and healing, she positively touches people’s lives with whilst enjoying her yoga career, I am sure you can relate…

So when Linda approached us her only challenge was to help attract right prospects to join new upcoming teachers training program in Bali this August, in other words was in need of Deadline Yoga Marketing.

It turned out Intuitive Flow Training was not getting enquires despite of trying PLENTY…

On May 27th, Linda wrote:
“Here is what I have done since the beginning of the year…”
And Linda listed over 10 marketing promotions she tried, both paid and free…
“I don’t understand why mine in not taking off, can you recommend me to do other things than this”…she concluded

On the 2nd of June we had a chat for an hour via Skype Consultation.

… Linda was not quite convinced what she heard about marketing new training, but agreed to give it a try.

I showed Linda how to make very simple changes to her marketing campaign and helped to complete making necessary amendments.

On June 13th we completed readjusting marketing campaign to generate new enquiries.

Same day Linda Wrote
“I have one enquiry so far”

Next day Linda wrote:
“I have Seven enquiries so far”

On June 20th Linda wrote:
“I had 20 enquires so far”

On June 23rd Linda wrote:
“I got 34 enquiries so far and one person joining”

On June 27th Linda wrote:
“I have two people joining and maybe more”

Now 2 clients may not sound a lot, but when each client brings $4800 would you agree it is worth of an effort and investment?

What made the difference?

After all let’s remember, Linda is already established and successful, her website visitors are very high, and she already tried plenty (over 10 different marketing promotions) to bring more clients in.

  • The truth is everybody can have a website
  •  Every yoga teacher can pay a technical guru company to generate more traffic to the website
  • and everybody can use paid advertising to promote the business?

Which of course raises the question, how come so many yoga businesses struggle to take off, especially when it comes to launching a new line of business (like Linda’s training)?

This is of course the debate we can go over and over, but here is the bottom line what really made the difference in Linda’s training business, and it can be all summarized in 2 simple headlines:

1. Commitment to make it happen

2. Seek specialized advice and ACT upon it despite of uncertainties and maybe fears of trying something new

Results speak for themselves, don’t you agree?

Make a no obligation enquiry today to see how we can help you same way with your yoga business CLICK HERE TO FILL THE FORM

To your busy yoga business
Tamara Machavariani


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