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It’s April, which means mothers day is coming, which means it’s the time yogis give presents to their moms, which means busy time in your yoga business.

Seasonal sale can be your most profitable yoga marketing in the studio.

You still have time for smart special yoga promotions, here are just 3 easy promotion ideas:

Promotional Yoga Marketing #1: Help your clients find perfect mother’s gift. Are you offering holiday specials and gift vouchers in your studio?

Did you know, you could easily target and let the entire city population see your offer thanks to small and very inexpensive Facebook Ads?

Just don’t forget to make your promotional offer is really eye catching…

Promotional Yoga Marketing Idea #2: Think BIG! Instead of offering gift vouchers to one individual at a time, how about targeting people who already have 1000s of your ideal prospects, such as kindergardens with lots of new moms.

Yoga mother and babyPromotional Yoga Marketing Idea #3: And finally…do not spend any penny on yoga advertising until you marketed to existing clients! Why? Because the fact is it is 7 times easier and cheaper to sell your product to existing clients than new ones.

Happy mother’s day & yoga promotions
Tamara Machavariani


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