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Enough about covering up yoga Marketing, here is why!

Yoga Marketing, Yoga RetreatsYoga entrepreneurs have to be well-prepared – correctly planned these days in order to successfully market yoga retreats, workshops and studios.

And to “plan correctly” simply means planning in accordance with the new standards set by rising yoga market.

In the recent survey it was revealed that an increasing number of people are booking week-long yoga retreat escapes before traditional holidays in order to get rested ahead of the festive season (Source: Southall Travel).

This raises the question, how come that more and more yoga teachers report that offline and online yogaadvertising hardly pull a handful of new yoga clients (if at all)?

And does it surprise you that inflated advertising fees stopped returning greater return on investment? (as you know it would cost you anything from $700 to $3000 to advertise yoga on average in the magazines)

Seriously, how is this possible when demand for yoga has reached nearly its peak?

There is an answer, but let me ask you first…

With so much choice of yoga in every corner of the district why would anyone choose YOUR yoga retreats, or a studio?

And how likely is it that your prospects will pull out their credit cards and part with hard-earned cash after they’ve seen your advertising?

The truth is marketing yoga business is easy…the only problem is marketing yoga has almost become forbidden topic to talk about.

Let’s look at couple of interesting facts:

Fact 1: On average it takes 21 advertising exposures until your yoga prospects buy from you!

That means you have to advertise 21 times your business, in order to sell your services.

So how do you make sure your retreat advertising appears in front of the same prospects(21 times!) without annoying them? (in other words ethically) and without breaking a bank?

Fact 2: Some of the most successful yoga studios actually don’t have big marketing budget. Did you know that with as little as $100 yoga marketing investment, studios easily attract dozens of new yoga students…every week?

How do you make sure you advertise your business 21 times with a $100 budget?

Planning – correctly planning, having a marketing system and a discipline is essential. And that is why we believe being open about yoga marketing is essential. To help yoga teachers, save money, frustrations, help them prosper, and really allow yoga professionals to spread the magic of yoga.

To your healthy marketing
Tamara Machavariani

PS. One of my clients once mentioned, yoga, planning and those marketing rules are dull and not creative, we like to go with a flow.

In reply: Shakespear wrote his sonnets within a strict discipline, 14lines of iambic pentameter, rhyming in three quatraits and a couplet.

Mozart had a similar rigid discipline – exposition, development, and recapitulation.

Where they dull or out of flow?


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