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Innovate yoga“If you are not number one I think you have to innovate” Lee Iacocca

And if it arn’t broke…shake it up.

If yoga studios could double profits every 5 years or so, how many things could possibly need fixing?

In 1992 PepsiCo’s CEO famously started shaking up just about everything as if sales were slipping away by half every 5 years. And that is when the world saw Iced Tea in battles, All Sport, crystalPepsi and fruit juices.

Now, I have to say I do have an opinion about fizzy drinks, but that is not the point. Wayne Calloway was smart. He understood that by following the principals of “If it arn’t broke don’t fix it” we’d be lightening our houses with just bigger candles, and whilst continuing to light candles in yoga studios would not be such a bad idea, I would have certainly suffered without my iPhone downloads of portable Jivamukti I so much cherish in times of studio absence  (another legacy of Steve Jobs innovative shake ups).

How many times I hear clients say “classes full, retreats busy, its going OK?”, at a glance the obvious answer is if you are happy with the results from what you do, continue doing more of what you do, don’t screw things up right? maybe… and after all what is wrong with using same old website, Same old promotions, studios, and data contacts, all neatly organized in Excel spreadsheets…

There is certainly nothing “wrong” as such, after all this studio and that studio, all seem to be doing the same, and doing just fine, but I can not help but wonder, what would happen if we did the complete opposite of what we are used to doing now? And why are many of us so often not questioning the old way of doing things, but it becomes OK to do the opposite as soon as someone else takes the lead? Quite frankly I can not help but shrug my shoulders and wonder whats wrong with a little bit of shake up and seeing the world upside down? As you’d probably agree Shirshasana only looks scary or different if you’ve never tried before?

The world has moved on, have you? why do you still have to keep using same old website if a new one could could bring you greater results, and help you work smarter vs harder?  Should you really be complicating your life using old school emailing from spreadsheets, when you could save much needed time, whilst building stronger relations with students if you used new, upgraded system? and what is the point exactly of repeating same exact promotional materials, fliers, or advertising letters, that everyone writes when frankly with just a touch of innovative shake up, the way you run your business can be transformed and hopefully you will see better results?

So, let me go back to the original quote before and repeat it again… “if arn’t broke…shake it up” and see what happens. 🙂

To your organized shake up

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