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yoga-roomMeet Mag, a yoga teacher. A few months ago she had to close yoga classes in the neighborhood she was teaching yoga. The reason was simple, yoga flyers she printed did not seem to bring clients in.

A few months later Mag re-opened her classes, and hear to new students in a new yoga studio. That’s when I first dropped in to practice yoga.

There was just myself and another lady practicing in a brand new yoga studio in the middle of the busy town centre, hart-breaking…

What happened next was the repeat of the same pattern, when the time came to pay the rent, there were simply not enough students to cover the costs with passion, hence the yoga classes yet again closed down.

Thomas Edison was passionate about electricity and he also failed ten thousand times until eventually succeeded. Persistence pays, does not it? Here is the twist. What many would not know about Edison is that he never actually tried the same approach ever. Instead he kept testing different methods until successfully achieved his vision.

Been a quitter can often be the most valuable ingredient to success! Like in the yoga teacher example above, if flyer distribution method does not work, think Edison, or think testing.

So what can actually go wrong?

It makes sense, if prospective clients do not respond to your message, there must be something wrong with your message, or rather the way you present it, or you are talking to the wrong market, or you are not reaching the right audience at all, not enough leverage.

Think test, and test everything!

One flyer against the other, after all why get stuck with the same design, message and promotions if it never worked in the past?

  • One headline against the other
  • Image vs no image
  • Long promotional text vs short
  • This discount offer, vs that offer
  • One testimonial vs another
  • This price, vs that price plan


As entrepreneurs to a smaller or greater degree we fail in business, and that is just part of it.
Persistence does pay, but it has to be the right type of persistence, that
applied to testing and giving up on one way of running business after

Happyl Testing
Tamara Machavariani

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