How to work out a formular to increase small yoga business sale

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Yoga Business SaleUs yogis are very practical and logical, so the following should be as logical and structured as your teachings of yoga. and your yoga business energy should flow as one with your yoga teachings and practice.

The following steps will help you to see huge changes in your sales, with tiny changes how your yoga business energy will flow.

Step ONE: Calculate number of clients

Step TWO: Figure out average amount clients spend per transaction

Step THREE: Work out how often they buy per year on average

Watch what happens if you have, say 500 yoga clients, who on average spend $100 twice a year!
# of clients x Transaction value per client x transaction per year = total income!
Taking the formula above you have 500 x $100 x 2 = $100,000 per year
How look what if we increased only by 10%? 550 x $110 x 2.2 = $133,100 per year

How does having an additional $33,100 in your business sound to you?

What if you doubled number of customers? You do that math now!

As you can see how FOCUSING on this one simple formula is just ONE way how you can more than double your revenue in your small yoga business!

I can hear the questions, how to increase number of customers?

Before I answer those, let me ask you

  • Is focusing on ATTRACTING new customers important?
  • Is focusing on maximising sale from existing customers important?
  • Is is worth investing your time, money and efforts to reshape how you run your yoga business?

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Tamara Machavariani


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