How to easily get your yoga websites on top of Google without becoming an SEO expert.

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If you Google simple word “yoga” over 83.9 million websites will show up!

Following 7 no nonsense tips will help you market yoga business online without becoming an SEO expert.

Yoga WebsitesTip # 1: Google does not favour pretty yoga websites. What Google wants is relevant, content packed web pages. DONT ask someone who is just a web-designer how your website should look like. Plan before you build it, and if you don’t know how to, get someone to do it for you. “Free & cheap” will cost you a fortune in the long run.

Tip # 2: Stop being original! Unless you want to succeed find already successful yoga studios or teachers websites and model like crazy. If someone has already figured it out what works on their website, stop reinventing the wheel.

Tip # 3: Stop your ego, and stop wasting much time and money on having custom logo’s designed. For your visitors it means next to nothing, all they need is solution to their problem, does your website solves your visitors problems?

Tip # 4: Stop confusing Google. If your studio is in “Brighton” make sure that you mention it on your website. Google can only list your studio in Brighton if it knows you’re in Brighton.

Tip # 5: Keep it simple! Make it very clear what people need to click. For example if you run beginners classes, Intermediates and workshops make it very easy for the visitors to figure out where to click.

Tip # 6: Google only knows youa are in yoga business if you make it very clear. So Mention the name of your studio and a short summary of what you do as a yoga studio in the title of your web pages. And don’t foget to include the word yoga there.

Tip # 7: Google does not care about fency yoga graphics. So when you write your yoga studio description make it in textbecause text is what Google sees, reads and lists in the search, not graphic images.

Happy Google friendly websites!
Tamara Machavariani

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