Why I stopped visiting my favourite studio and how NOT to lose annual £10,000 yoga studio income

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yoga studio marketingThe reason I stopped visiting yoga studio is
Not because I have moved out or the studio has…
Neither have I stopped practicing yoga…nor because of the credit crunch.

There are TWO major reasons why students stop coming back to your yoga studio.

You stopped offering more of what you have or can offer… so they went somewhere else to get what they wanted.

You never asked WHY they stopped visiting your studio!

Here is my story, you may relate to that

For 5 years I would cross from the East End of London to the West, just to practice in my favourite yoga studios up in Ladbroke Groove… finally after about 5 years, I moved to the West End, which was just perfect for my yoga practice and shortened commute to the yoga studio…

I still love it. Totally awesome, studio has some of the best yoga teachers, and you get consistently great practice.

But despite of my new location, very close to the studio, I actually started paying less and less visits to my lovely studio

The reason was SIMPLE:

After some time I realized that short meditation taken during classes was really not enough.

Because my studio did not offer meditation classes as such, I started researching special meditation classes outside of my studio.

Cut it short I found what I was looking for (deeper meditation practice) so no longer felt much need to re-join my yoga studio again.

But that was only PART of the reason. Here is the Major reason and WHY most yoga students don’t come back!

Noone has ever contacted me from the studio, via email or otherwise to ask why I suddenly stopped practicing at their studios!

Do you realize that if I was asked, I would have simply given a valuable feedback?

Or do you realize if someone has gone through trouble to figure out why I no longer attended yoga classes, that would have been quite heart warming to know that my custom was valued?

Research has shown that around 78% of customers leave because of the perceived indifference!

Do you see what that means?

It means that the reason clients leave is not because they don’t like your services

Not because they moved out
Not because they found better quality service!
FACT: It is at least 5 times easier and cheaper to re-gain old customers than find new ones.

With today’s easy to manage automated database management systems THERE ARE NO EXCUSES why you can’t track and measure who is your customer, client, and prospect, and there are no excuses for not targeting them accordingly. There are plenty of recomendations and step by step guide to setting up a system in yoga marketing how to win and keep your clients, CLICK HERE to check out.

Loosing one or ten clients may or may not be a big deal, but why would you want to loose students anyways? After all you spent time, money, efforts to gain them in the first place?

…For example, my annual yoga budget for the yoga classes is around £1000. If the yoga studio loses 10 clients like me, that’s £10,000…a year, you do your own math.

Above raises the question is it important to market studio, and have yoga marketing plan?

What can you do to regain those customers back? Can you offer some special incentive to regain again.

Happy old students reconnection
Tamara Machavariani

There are plenty of recomendations and step by step guide to setting up a system in yoga marketing how to win and keep your clients, CLICK HERE to check out.


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