Happy Easter Yoga Marketing Secrets

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easter yoga holiday

Ooops, missed on Easter yoga marketing promotions? Think again.

Post Easter promotions will help you bring more clients in yoga business than you did a season before.

Here are your 5 rapid happy easter yoga marketing ideas:

Happy Easter Promotion Idea ONE – Your clients are desperate to Easter detox those chocolate eggs and cookies. Make it even easy and fun to them. let your clients bring their friends FREE and grow a list of qualified prospects database. Check out why FREE clients will spend here!

Happy Easter Promotion Idea TWO – Time for Easter SALE. Get more clients in by giving Special Post Easter Yoga Sales Vouchers.

Happy Easter Promotion Idea THREE – Organize Easter Detox workshop, double yoga class time, double your class income.

Happy Easter Promotion Idea FOUR – Don’t give up on promotions, Past Easter holidays and summer is around the corner, help your clients with slim, skinny, sexy yoga and watch what happens. Read Bikini Yoga to see why focusng on enlightening won’t always work.

Happy Easter Promotion Idea FIVE – Use Post Easter season to ANNOUNCE a start of a brand new yoga class in your studio. Stick a new poster in your studio, something like… “ANNOUNCING THE New Abs Yoga for Women Last Saturday of every month – starts right after Easter holiday month, sign up NOW, even if you never tried yoga!”…alng those lines … People love new services, classes, announcements, just like you do, keep them excited of what’s coming soon.

Yours in Profitable Yoga Business
Tamara Machavariani

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