Family Run Yoga Business?

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family run yoga business

Is it time for the family run yoga business? The other day we had guests in the house, one girl was the final year university student. When I asked what were her plans for the career she replied she’d want to do something related to the online fashion world. This may not sound much but it made me think, nearly a decade

Ambitious UK pop singer blazes a path all over the map

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Honey British soul rarely sounds this turned up. UK chart-topper Katy B’s third album is an ambitious collaborative effort featuring some of the biggest and buzziest producers around. She’s the Peckham girl who won’t dance to anyone else’s tune: interviewed back on her old manor, Katy B proves the perfect modern British pop star The Guardian Effortlessly moving between genres, she makes

Humiliated – 10 point yoga trade show check list and why doing business without computers is cool

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trade show

How to turn a trade show into a lucrative investment for your yoga retreat and training businesses. Note: This case study is based on beauty wellness industry but equally applicable to any yoga business in search of newer ways of growing clients. In 2009, I used at least 15 different ways to promote my new yoga business. From live training

The factory inspirations and doing business on one leg balance

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borjomi factory

It’s kind of being at school and the teacher asking the class to write about what we did during summer vacations, but with so many flavours of experiences from the recent Georgia visit and the unexpected sources of inspirations I had to write them down. In this letter, I’ll share one of them. I grew up in the capital and love everything that

I love Google and I’ll share why

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google books

Let’s crush and try to humiliate those who contribute to the welfare of our communities and the economy, shall we? That sounds really sensible. I like to pay taxes, not because I can’t wait to part with my cash, but because I enjoy the benefits of good infrastructure,  “free” healthcare systems when I need it, the defence systems that finances 007s

“He’s so Frothy”, my Spitalfields heroes and why a job done well is important

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coffee cappucino

I loved Mr Coffee. In the world of Sturbucks, Neros, and zillions of other coffee shops in London Mr Coffee was amazing and I was not the only one who’d agreed. It was not because Mr Coffee was the biggest or the cheapest, or offered the most sophisticated cup of coffee… In fact, Mr. Coffee was a little mobile Italian coffee on

From “conscious capitalism”, to inspiring spaces, books to read and why we need more yoga entrepreneurs

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books yoga business academy

Today is mid-January, which means it’s that time of the year when the New Year’s resolutions start to fade, and the routine takes place, so if you need some inspirations, or something to help you sparkle creative thinking, I’d like to share handful of books & talks that come to my mind right now. Personally I prefer capitalism, maybe it’s because I was

How to set New Years vision in yoga business and actually achieve them

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new years vision

Your ultimate vision for the yoga business Some businesses use sophisticated tools and spreadsheets, I personally tend to sit down with a sheet of paper and a pen to scribble some notes for the year ahead. I tend to do it around December time, just after Christmas but before New Year. It always feels a good time to review, reflect and set new