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family run yoga business

Is it time for the family run yoga business?

The other day we had guests in the house, one girl was the final year university student. When I asked what were her plans for the career she replied she’d want to do something related to the online fashion world.

This may not sound much but it made me think, nearly a decade ago it was almost impossible to explain to anyone what working on an online business meant, while for today’s i-generation online is a new brick & mortar and an obvious career option to be considered.

Then I thought about the yoga industry and how it went from 6 to over 20 billion US in the space of a few years.

The changes that have been happening in the small business world over the past few years happened in the interesting time, in particular after the global recession we have seen exciting streams of small and quirky businesses emerging and doing things well, among those were a new wave of yoga entrepreneurs, who kept consciously choosing the path that felt more in line with their own inner flows, rather than the society’s.

For some becoming a yoga teacher was the first chosen profession but for many, becoming an independent yoga teacher was a gradual transition from the corporate world to becoming a small yoga business owner.

Becoming that first generation of yoga business is braver than brave. Selecting the path less travelled requires the leap of faith, and lots of them, after all, there are not many
examples of family run yoga businesses, but is not it time for it now?

As the first generation of yogapreneurs are starting raising kids and the kids go to colleges and Unis, that second generation will have parents who had been running yoga businesses, and it will be in the next decade or so when one of those kids will have a vision to make another leap from running handful of yoga classes in the spare community room into becoming a fully fledged family run yoga brand.

Family run businesses are a little like the first generation of immigrants. It’s almost always the second generation of immigrant kids that start to fly high on the foundations that their parents create in the new world.

Being the first generation of yoga teacher is very similar to those of immigrants. But is not it the time for every new yoga teacher and the first generation of family run yoga studios to create and evolve that strong vision, foundation, ethics and of course financially healthy, sustainable yoga businesses?

Every yoga business can be prosperous and so it should be.

So the question to ask is how can small yoga brands grow, how to express both older-world routes and newer ambitions of becoming a strong yoga brand that will be
handed over to the generations to come?

  • Branding
  • Positioning
  • Growing clients

Spreading good vibes of good businesses and becoming The Yoga Messenger is important for anyone who wants and
who takes yoga as a business serious.

The Yoga Messenger program has the vision to help those with a vision to build, grow and evolve strong, healthy yoga businesses.

We feel absolutely passionate about supporting yoga teachers run busy classes, help fill yoga retreats, show the tools they can easily use to build loyal students and enjoy teaching yoga while earning great living at the same time.
The brand new Yoga Messenger will show you exactly how you can not only pack out your classes and earn a great
living offering holistic services but you can take part in building a really strong community around you.

For more details visit Yoga Messenger page. The details will become available very soon.  Stay tuned, and please join our newsletter (if you are not already a member, it’s free) and don’t miss an update from us.

Love, Tamara

PS. Also opening soon, brand new YBA Loft Space, with real bricks and real windows, the space where we can all create more, evolve and grow.

We are excited 🙂

Thank you for being with us so long, we look forward to hearing from you and working with you some time in the future.


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