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Advertise Yoga Retreat HolidayDid you know that many girls would rather look sexy in a bikini than feel deeper connection with the Universe when practicing yoga, or yoga retreat holiday… especially the first time. (At least that was my concern when I first tried my favourite Jivamukti yoga class)

And in fact most people, who attend yoga classes at an early stage rarerly worry about the Third Eye and how well Seven Chakras are alignmened.

Does it surprise you that many really successful yoga businesses, yoga teachers, or even businesses in yoga industry promote yoga for weight loss, slimming yoga, sexy yoga etc you name it, like crazy?

Do you think it’s a coinsidence?

Let me ask you a question.

What message are you sending out there when you advertise yoga reatreats, yoga classes or yoga products?

Does your yoga advertising mainly target yoga fanatics those whose primary desire is peace and quiet?

There is of course nothing wrong with targeting yoga fans, who wish to take yoga practice to a complete new level, like I have done when the time came right, but just be careful, because there is a MASSIVE yoga market out there who need your yoga, your yoga classes, your yoga products for all the “other” reasons, like How to look and feel in a sexy bikini this coming summer.

Your yoga advertising success…and profits in yoga business will greatly depend how effective your message is when you send out.

Here are quick 3 tips to get better response for your next yoga retreats from advertising:

  1. Get people EXCITED, tell them what they want to hear…slim body, toned arms, perfect weight, beach body…appeal to their amotions.
  2. If you are using email campaigns, put an exciting headline in the subject line. There is nothing more BORING than sending out PREDICTABLE emails, such as never- changing “April’s newsletter”!
  3. Most people don’t want to know that Yoga means Union. This clearly works in yoga books, but as far as advertising your next yoga retreat holiday goes it will rarely work.

Happy Yoga Advertising
Tamara Machavariani

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