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If you were an investor, would you invest in your yoga business? Often it is easier to get caught in the cycle of teaching, working, just every day life stuff…that last thinkg on your mind is reviewing your yoga marketing and business. The problem is doing same over and over simply brings same results. Be yogi-wise and ask yourself a simple question: “Is my yoga business sellable?”

If you were an investor, would you invest in your yoga business?

This is a quick health check of your business

If you can’t honestly say YES, then go back, list everything you are not happy with and strengthen, these can be things like:

“my admin really sucks”,

“I need to clearly document all duties and responsibilities for my studio receptionist or the person I hire to do my admin”.

Or, “I still have not organized list of Joint Venture partners to target, including sample emails I will be sending, and the follow up emails I need to send”

Or perheps you might say, “I really need to list ALL things my business requires, select top 4 I LOVE doing and am willing to do myself, and delegate the rest.”

Or “I need to sort out the system that tracks my students attendance and figure out who stopped visiting my classes and try to get a feedback WHY to see if I can re-gain them back again!”

It is very easy to just carry on with your own things you love, but remembering that your business is HOLISTIC, WHOLE means that each area requires equal attention and love. And when we treat business accordingly rewards never fail.

To your yoga business health
Tamara Machavariani


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