Yoga Teachers: Sample Script for your local shopkeeper (Doubters of yoga business read it!)

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I always assume my Trikonasana is good until a teacher adjusts my apparantly not so good asana, sounds famelier? Likewise, Do you sometimes notice that some of your yoga fliers are waste of time. If this is the case, instead of giving up, all you have to do is simply make some “adjustments” in your yoga business.

This script is from my brand new Secrets to Building Your Yoga Business, and today I would like to reveal Insider Secrets of street smart marketing yogic way!

Before you read the script please note, that distributing a paper flier in the shop does not work UNLESS you build strong relations with the shop owner (ever tried?), and what I am just about to share with you is a good example how to do it! I can assure you that if you apply it to your business it will maximize response!

Sample Letter script for your local shopkeeper (better if you post this letter)

Yoga Teachers Yoga Flier

Happy script writing

Tamara Machavariani
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