Vintage: From the archives of YBA training 2009-2011

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Vintage YBA Training

Flashbacks: This was a really fun time in London, I would go anywhere, anyplace to deliver the message that doing what you loved and making a living out of it was fun, cool and possible. I would speak to anybody and everybody who would come to listen and who would have me to speak.

From studio to studio, from one training room to another, from the radio shows to the magazines I loved meeting yoga business owners and sharing all I knew about ethical marketing, conscious business and filling yoga rooms with happy students. I did this because it felt important to me as well.

It feels super fun to be able to do it all over again, only this time I have my own training studio, I can offer to any yoga teacher who wants to discover new, cool, ethical, 21st century ways of running a really great yoga business.

Doors open in May, come and join us, it will be fun, check out what’s happening here.

Tamara XI wish I had good

P.S. Wish had good cameras though, but 7 years ago smartphones were only just getting smarter 😉


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