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Dear Yoga Teacher

I went to a yoga class the other day. It was a class I don’t go to. The teacher was brilliant. Not only did she understood the reality of moving the body but explained everything about Yoga during the class. The only problem I had was the class was so packed the guy in front of me was over 6-feet tall and his feet kept brushing under my nose during certain asanas.

I’d say there were around 45 in her class at £9 per class. That’s £405 for her one hour class she took.

She runs her class 3 times a day.

If every class is as busy and she says it is.

That’s £1,215 she takes from each day she runs her class.

I learnt about her class from a local yoga advert. Strangely once I saw her advert I started seeing her ad on Facebook and then again in the local coffee shop and once more when I went to acupuncture on the notice board.

I asked her after the class why she does so much advertising?

You know what she replied?

She told me that Yoga is so powerful for the community, the community families and the health and well-being of all it would be wrong not to let others know about it.

I loved her reply because that is exactly what successful Yoga teachers know, believe and understand.

Even Jesus went out and spread his word.

Even Buddha spread his message.

Even Gandhi worked hard to spread his message.

There isn’t a well known spiritual worked on Earth that isn’t a well known that didn’t go out and share what they had to offer. That is because they believed in the power of what they taught on others or the power of Yoga!

And one thing successful Yoga teachers have in common isn’t YOGA!

Do you know what it is?

It’s the ability to SHARE AND SPREAD their word.

When I first moved to this neighbourhood with my husband, one yoga class I went to had just 3 in the class. The other week I went to this class and sadly I was the only person with the teacher.

I asked her why?

She replied we don’t really do marketing in Yoga it’s not within our ethics. She then went on to tell me she was closing this class. The irony!

As you may know since 2009 I have been working with yoga teachers that understand and feel the need to spread their message.

These ones know Yoga helps supports and benefits the community and they work tirelessly and smartly within the yoga traditions to be real messengers of Yoga as a way of life.

May I ask you

Do you believe Yoga should be shared?

Do you believe you yoga will benefit your community?

Do you believe Yoga is powerful and can help others?

Do you wish your Yoga classes had 45 people each class sharing what you have worked so hard to create?

I believe the universe and everything out there wants you to offer and give more yet you cannot do that if no one knows you are there.

Sadly in my 7 years experience working with the Yoga industry I have realised that there is a majority that feels the world of Yoga should be found not spread. That is contrary to Yoga teaching of course yet that is what MOST practice.

Yet I also know with working with some of you that there is a group of you that just loves spreading, sharing and giving your Yoga services into the community for the better good in health and spiritual practice.

And I know … this is a small number of very special Yogis that love to do this but need even more help doing this.

The Brand New Yoga Messenger Program?

This is an easy-to-follow 12-week Masterclass hosted online and finalised with a one-day live class (in the UK) THAT will give you a complete program designed to help you become a better, stronger more powerful Yoga Messenger within your community and the yoga community.

This training course is designed to ensure that everyone that should know within your community knows you are there and ready to help them live a better life. This course is also designed to help you get back your investment very quickly. Again this is really only for those that want to share more with their community and spread their light out to more of humanity.

Is that you?

Yes, of course, there’s an investment. That will be discussed during a one-hour live call where you can ask anything you want after I share the details of the new Yoga Messenger Program.

Do you believe? Do you truly believe the love of Yoga to transform, help, educate, create healthier and better lives?

The Yoga Messenger will show you exactly how you can not only pack out your classes and earn a great living offering holistic services but you can take part in building a really strong community around you.


Here is what you need to do right now.

Reply to this letter with one simple word… MESSENGER (send email from the contact page, or text).

When I am ready I will send you the details of a live call. On the call you will get all the details and then you can decide if you want more to benefit from the Yoga you are teaching.

Just one question you should ask yourself.

Would your teacher want you to spread the word of Yoga more or less?


Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith


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