The THREE rules that brings you closer to your yoga customers

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In the previous article I gave you “The 3 Powerful Steps Guaranteed To Give You Explosive Growth and More Students Than Ever”.

In this article I will show you The THREE rules that brings you closer to your yoga customers.

Here we go… three rules and four goals

Rule #1: Every promotional effort to students must be designed to accomplish four crucial goals:

  1. Strengthen the bond between the yoga students and the yoga studio …
  2. Produce a new piece of information about the customer that can be used to target future promotions … think about feedback, surveys, client response…
  3. Upgrade the student database in terms of recency, frequency of purchase and/or amount, and of course …
  4. Produce maximum revenues.

Rule #2: Every contact with a student is an opportunity to bond, sell and gather further customer information:

  1. Outgoing in-studio promotions
  2. Receipt/Thank-You Letters
  3. Product Shipment Packaging, think of mats, CDs, hot yoga pants
  4. Customer Inquiries & Complaints
  5. Opinion Polls and Surveys
  6. Value-Added Gifts
  7. Studio Newsletters
  8. Events (Yoga shows, Other Live Events, etc.)

Rule #3: Be willing to spend AT LEAST as much to KEEP a customer as you’re willing to pay to get a new customer.

Remember response rates to your promotions are typically eight to ten times higher when selling to customers than to prospects.

Average sale is typically higher as well. Getting new customers involves significant time, cash, risk; Keeping a customer doesn’t.

Savvy business owners are willing to pay at least four times more to keep a proven customer than to get a new one.

If your average customer is with you for three years and spends an average of $1000 per year with you, LOSING an average customer will cost you $3,000. So next time your customer stops visiting your studio think about $3K instead of A one less customer.

Rule #4: First impressions mean a lot.

  • Ensure that all new student acquisition promotions begin the bonding process.
  • Think of personal messaging
  • Studio positioning
  • Create trust and strengthen bonding
  • Customer-friendly service, learn to smile, teach to smile
  • Fast delivery
  • Personal “Thank-You” letter from the head teacher
  • Deliver an unadvertised bonus in first sale
  • Craft a 30, 60 or 90-day “New Customer Experience” designed to quickly generate a secondary sale while strengthening the new relationship. Think of 30 day challenges, 60 day mind, body transformations…

Target the Entire Database and create a promotional plans for the

  • Holidays
  • Breaking News Events
  • New Service, Retreat, Teacher Announcements

Go ahead, start creating a plan for your studio promotions. One Step At A Time…

  1. Prepare the Student Database file
  2. Identify Your Objectives
  3. Create Your Promotion Plan

In the next article I will send you the Typical Promotional Schedule template to help you keep track with your promotions and remain focused on your marketing essentials.

Remain tuned 🙂

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