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Dear yoga teacher

In the past couple of weeks I’ve been sending you how to prepare for the holidays articles,  5 ways to prepare your yoga advertising for the holidays  The 3 Powerful Steps Guaranteed To Give You Explosive Growth and More Students Than Ever And  The THREE rules that brings you closer to your yoga customers

Today as promised I’m sending you a typical promotional schedule template you can use for the general as well as new class or holiday promotions.

Before sending out promotions, don’t forget to review the following from last week’s articles…

  • First impression counts
  • Think of your brand
  • Try to get into your customers mind… what will they think when
  • they see the message? How will your studio be positioned? will you create instant trust?
  • What will you be promoting?

From customer birthdays and your brand anniversaries to general holiday celebrations, breaking news and a launch of a new class announcement you can find pretty much anything to celebrate in three hundred and sixty five days to add an extra special feel to your promotions. It really should be fun, and exciting not only for your students but for you as well.



One step at a time though

  1. Go back to my articles to see how to prepare your students database
  2. Figure out what you are trying to achieve through your hard work
  3. Create your promotional plan
  4. Execute!

Have fun while you are working on it though, it always helps:)
In your service
Tamara Machavariani

PS. Want to grow your studio sales, and pack retreats? Contact me using the form, I encourage you to first read our consulting page for more details.

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