The relevance of Internet in yoga marketing today

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Ease and affordability is one of Internet’s most important achievement in yoga marketing today.

For most, Internet Marketing is simply a means of maintaining healthy and stress free holistic business and yoga business. It is also one of those tools that requires no marketing background.

Yet, the interesting fact is,5% of New Yoga Online Prospects Equal 34% of Your New Income.

However, having a website is not Internet Marketing…It is also a business like any other. And YOUR website visitors do not visit your site by “happenstance”. They do because you developed a comprehensive PLAN and executed it using well-thought-out STRATEGIES!

So last thing you want to do once they visit your site lose them!

Here is ONE useful information about doing online business the right way!

The most important part of your website is the REGISTRATION INCENTIVE you offer to encourage visitors to submit their EMAIL ADDRESS to you!

Here’s how to do it:

  • Give people something of a value for FREE in exchange of their names and emails.
  • Once they are in your database BUILD RELATIONS, and be very CONSISTENT in your communications.

Remember it can take as many as 29 exposures till your prospects TAKE ACTION!

My guess is your website’s AIM is to generate direct or indirect INCOME!

But as you know, people will only buy from you because they know you, like and trust you.

  • Set up autoresponder emails with some valuable content and let the email systems build relations for you.
  • Don’t sell, instead build relations and they will naturally come back to you for more, when they do, making a sale will become inavitable.

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