How to turn every $5 yoga marketing investment into $500

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When it came to math, I was always the black sheep in the family. Yet in order to get desired number of customers in my yoga marketing end of every month with mathematical accuracy I don’t need to know that a square root (v) of a number x is a number r such that r2 = x

Let me get to the point, here is how you can turn every $5 invested in Facebook Ads into $500 guaranteed in 6 easy steps!

Before you do anything, make sure you know your stats and have a clear END GOAL in mind.

Step #1: If you have not already, create an Ad in Facebook (easy like a,b, and c, follow instructions, or follow step by step guide in my new ebook

Step #2: Avoid deadly mistake of sending people to your main website. You MUST send people to a very simple, registration page (called a squeeze, or a capture page) where they will sign up for your mailing list.

For example, if you are advertising your yoga classes, or workshops, give them incentive to leave their names, and emails, by giving away just enough information to raise curiosity, for example, “to find out more about our next amazing yoga retreat and qualify for a special couple’s discount leave your name and email in the box below and we will send you our promotional code”, along those lines.

Step #3: I strongly advice you invest some time to understand how to work out cheap clicks for your Ads, (you only pay money when prospects click and view your ads) I pay around $0.12 per click, it’s possible for everyone to achieve that so I’ll use this as a guide. (I also wrote guide how to work out cheap clicks in my new book if you want to read,

==If your ad on average costs you $0.12, and you are investing $5 a day, then 42 prospects are viewing your service offer right?

==On average, 1 in every 4 will opt-in. If not then something is wrong with your registration page or offer, you need to change it! That means from 42 visitors, you collect about 11 email addresses/leads correct?

If you have a good product, or service to offer with well written copywrite designed to sell your product, you should excpect that 1 in every 5 amongst those that opted in will buy it!

So if you are promoting your classes, and a promotional offer is $5 er class, and if one in every 5 buys, i.e. 2 people, from the example above, you’ve just made $10. That covers your Ads cost, and have money left over for investing in more Ads!

Step #4: If you are like most yoga teachers, you should excpect that at least 50% signs up for your next package, say your yoga class pack for $100. In our example only one of them buys a pack!

Step #5: Even though out of 11 emails collected in step 3, only one of them ends up paying you $100, you still have 10 email addresses who have not bought from you yet, but gave you permission to send them an email. That means you can keep promoting your service of course. That is why it is critical to have a plan, and have pre-written automatically delivered promotional emails, that builds relations with subscribers.

So statistically out of those 10 people another 40% will take you up on offer at some point in time, provided you are consistent with your offerings and promotions. (That’s another story why you need consistency, for now stick to stats!), as far as my math is concerned you should generate additional sale from 4 subscribers.

Step #6: Your offer should never be limited to classes or workshops, i.e. low priced items. I’m sure you already are running yoga retreats, or maybe own teachers training? Great, guess what, those people who bought form you initial lower priced item, a class pack or whatever you offered, will end up signing up for your next exotic holiday in the sun, investing further $500, guaranteed!

When you do the above dimply sit back and watch what happens.

To summarise all above in one sentance, goal of your advertising efforts is to build your mailing list, build relations with prospects and then slowly introduce your services as you gain trust and confidence!

Happy advertising
Tamara Machavariani


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