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Traditionally for most independent yoga teachers summer can be quiet (that is of course you are yourself travelling and teaching retreats in the sun), especially when schools are off. In the yoga studios that I go to on a regular bases half the classes are been cancelled for August due to low attendance.

If you are in town and not holidaying yourself here are 7 easy things you can do to boost student attendance while you are quiet in the next 4 weeks without breaking a bank.

1. Send “Summer holiday deal” promotional yoga class offer to your customers through e-newsletter.

2. Busy in the gym class, dead in the private studio? – Print out friendly yoga posters and let your clients in the gym know you are actually running other classes as well. It’s surprising how many students would not know you have other yoga classes running just around the corner.

3. Email “Recommend a friend” offer to your customers

4. Send friendly postcards to customers through the mail, remind them of “Summer holiday deal”, give your offer a fun twist

5. Send out “lost yoga student” summer offer to activate clients that stopped visiting your yoga classes

6. Update your yoga website with fun summer deals

7. Get ready for “Back to School” early bird offers and start promoting them before September starts.

Most importantly take the opportunity of been quieter to reflect on the past months, where you were at the start of the year and how far you’ve come (we are where we are due to the actions or lack of actions we took), set new goals and challenges for yourself and go for it.

You don’t have to do it alone, get help and ask for advise. Getting clients in the yoga studio is easy when you know how to, creating a system will help you make the process as pain free and profitable as possible.

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