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Here’s some interesting online yoga FACTS:

Yoga Online Shopping

  • Every month: 22200 serious online shoppers search for Yoga Holidays
  • 12100 search for Yoga Travel
  • Last month 12100 seached for Yoga weekends
  • 14800 wanted to find Yoga breaks
  • As many as 135000 wanted week long Yoga Retreats
  • 90500 wanted to lose weight with yoga
  • 8100 searched for Weight Loss Yoga Poses
  • 1900 people really wanted to buy Weight Loss Yoga DVDs
  • Whopping 1220000 was ready to pay money for Fast Weght Loss solutions!

Do people search for yoga classes and courses online?

  • Last month 450000 searched for Yoga Classes
  • As many as 246000 Wanted to find out about Yoga Courses ….and the list goes on

Ever thought taking your yoga business online BIG way?

….Not just having a yoga website…. but really using Internet to boost your yoga class and yoga workshops sales?

Think again!

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Head Yoginin @ Yoga Business Academy
Tamara Machavariani
Data Source (Google Live)


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