Why getting new yoga students is not optional

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It may seem pretty obvious that acquiring customers should be essential for the growth of yoga businesses, yet this seems to be often forgotten in today’s noise of the social media, emails, Internet and the digitally plugged in world.

It may also feel as long as we are online, clicking and sharing, we are doing something, but in reality all we could be achieving is just counting likes…

The real world yoga business (or any business) and it’s growth is very different. It is vital for the business survival to acquire students.

At least 15% of new clients every year are essential to maintain current level of revenue, and if your goal is to grow, than you need to aim and find more than 15% of new students who are tight in their hips.

You see every year 15% of your students go missing, and although you can get them back, the fact is some people move out and others swap for the Pilates, ouch.

So up for the challange to grow your yoga studio? Aim at least 20% grows in clients.
The question is what are you doing to grow client numbers and acquire new blood in the studio?

Your Guide to Getting Yoga Students in Your Studio Fast shows
5 (and a bit more) tested and proven ways to grow students in your yoga business.

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Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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