What to do if you can’t get your studio bragged about

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A while back I gave you some tips about getting your yoga studio bragged about, but what do you do when you just can’t get it bragged about?

Problem: You teach in the community hall and just can’t shift chairs, tables, computers, somebody else’s shoes and sticky notes.

Solution: Celebrate the truth. Run an ad that shows exactly what is not included in the room… candles, bells, drums, mats, giant buddha and a holy man.

Turn yoga upside down by highlighting

  • More space without mats
  • More walls without windows & wallpaper
  • Chanting Om is not required

And a really underground place for strictly underground yogis only.

Sounds like a perfect poster?

The truth can be disarming and it may be a little bit of an exercise in the truth-telling that would not be embraced by large budget studios, but the sincerity to accept the truth passionately, and for it to be expressed in a humorous way, really makes you wish everyone else was doing the same truth-telling.

Remaining that being true to your values is more important than place, space, and decorations. Start small, do things well and let things evolve. If you stick to your values eventually you will have time to hire a fancy decorator.

Happy truth-telling 😉



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