Tamara Machavariani’s top 10 Secrets of Getting Things Done in Business!

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There are 2 kinds of HABITS, habit of DOING and habit of NOT DOING!

HABIT of DOING is more important THAN how much you do! Following 10 habits have worked the best to drive my business and are some of the strategies I’ve learnt from my many mentors I would like to SHARE!

  1. Think of yourself as a BUSINESS OWNER! Say it laud “I am a business owner” every morning. Next time someone asks you what you do, do NOT say you are a yoga teacher or a message therapist, instead say “I own a business, it teaches yoga!” period. You will instantly feel bigger and more powerful!
  2. Before you go to sleep write down TWO goals you absolutely MUST complete next day! (This can be as little as tomorrow I will register a domain, or I will call ONE old client and ask how’s life?) Simply do NOT go to sleep until you completed those TWO. (My punishment is I am not allowed to practice yoga if I don’t complete them:))
  3. Choose an activity you MUST master in your business, this can be improving your negotiations skills, or building better relations with clients and spend JUST 15 MINUTES on mastering those skills daily! By the time you know it in just one month you’ve practiced for 450 minutes… (For example when I first started mastering negotiations skills I made a habit of negotiating at least 2 deals a day, so I would go to the local shop and instead of paying a £1 for a flapjack, I would buy 2 for £1.70, or something, anything :)) This habit alone has saved me thousands of pounds in my business! Habit of doing is more important than actual amount or deal you seal! (Just be mindful, it must always be a win win!)
  4. Find accountability partner and meet up for 1 hour a week. It is powerful to have someone you will report to. They don’t have to be in your field. (For example every Tuesday I meet my friend Alexa and we spend 30 minutes each talking about our achievement and to do list.) You will be surprised how fast you will move forward!
  5. Before you go to sleep write down how you want your day to go. Your subconscious will do the rest. (Nowadays if I don’t write down, I pay price, so I better do that, takes 2 minutes)
  6. Write down 5 successes you enjoyed during a day. However small, for example, “I smiled at the stranger today”, the idea is to FOCUS on positives. After one week, review your achievements, it will TELL you if you need to take more actions in order to get things done!
  7. Deposit whatever change you have left end of the day in your savings jar! (Habit of doing is more important than amount, 1 pence is just as great as a thousand!)
  8. Sit quiet every day, take time to ask yourself, or your higher self, what is it that you are destined to do? For example, I like to say “Dear creator, what do you want me to do in this world, how can I fulfil my soul’s calling?” Your subconscious will do the rest. Dr. Demartini says if you want to improve your life your motivation must be as big as your family’s, if you want to make a difference in your community then you must think as big as your entire city…
  9. Take one full day off, no matter what. I simply don’t work on Mondays!
  10. Make a habit to ask yourself for at least 15 minutes “How can I add VALUE to my client’s lives?, How else can I help?” You’ll be surprised how many creative ideas you can get that will help you stand out from the crowd!
  11. In the morning choose an activity that is challenging to you and commit to doing it, IN SPITE OF what your mind will tell you. Do not rationalize, just do it! End of the day write down how you felt AFTER you completed the challenge! What are your habits?
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