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AshtangaInfusion Yoga CardiffOn the 5th July AshtangaInfusion, new yoga in Cardiff, went live.

On the 6th July Liz emailed to let me know “So far had 3 enquiries, one new person via phone, one brand new by email and a few we already know booking for Oct/Nov workshops!  YAY”

Congratulations to our yoga clients AshtangaInfusion for establishing a great new yoga classes and workshops in South Wales, Cardiff.

About a month ago Aaron and Liz Cousins approaches Yoga Business Academy to help them in the process of establishing a new yoga business in Cardiff, for local community and anyone else visiting beautiful Wales.

How it started

Although Aaron had already been practicing yoga for 20 years and has been teaching yoga for years in Cardiff, it was not until an pportunity presented itself to turn Aaron’s passion to yoga into all brand new full time yoga business.

What was the challenge

Aaron, like most yoga teachers was not particularly excited about the idea of marketing yoga, his passion is to teach. But he also realized that unless he marketed yoga classes properly, he would not be able to share his passion for yoga to people he so much loved to serve.

Aaron and Liz Cousin needed to create a professional website in order to promote their new yoga services, classes and workshops and to ttract new clients they would help through the magic of yoga.

They also did not have much time on their hands to deal with website creation. That is where Yoga Business Academy came in.

What did we do?

We had the first initial consultation about Liz and Aaron’s new yoga business ideas. We then came up with a strategy how to establish excellent long term online presense.

We used ideas Liz and Aaron had about their future yoga website to create a great looking, professional yoga website.

As Liz and Aaron were busy taking care of other areas of yoga business, we made sure the website was more than a pretty new site.

We created new AshtangaInfusion website with strong online marketing strategy behind. That will give AshtangaInfusion excellent positioning in the busy and competitive net.

We also integrated new yoga database management system. That will allow Liz and Aaron to easily build database of yoga enthusiasts, and easily send out promotional and follow up emails to students. That way AshtangaInfusion will remain in constant contact with their students, enabling them to offer more and serve more their local community.

Even though it was a lot of work, and some doubts about marketing yoga and to establish a new yoga business, after our initial meeting Aaron said “for the first time I am excited to market my yoga business”.

What Next?

With a new website and a marketing strategy at hand AshtangaInfusion is now ready to fly and take off… in fact it has already took off!

To get inspirations, or if you are considering to visit Wales, check out www.ashtangainfusion.com and enjoy yoga in the seaside.

To your profitable yoga business
Tamara Machavariani

PS. If you want us to create a new great looking, profitable website, or discuss your yoga business marketing strategy send us an email, let us know what exactly you would like to talk about and we will get back to you as soon as we can.


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