How to drive traffic to your yoga studio like Mr. Patel

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This is a story of Mr. Patel but it will probably apply to your yoga studio, or yoga shop and how to attract more yoga students.

I like Mr. Patel!

He owns a small shop next door to my house… just off Foley street, in London. I always go to his shop to buy my flapjack (with raisins and walnuts…)


I went there yesterday too and noticed he has a “pay” know which one I’m talking about? You can top up card etc..

Anyways I asked him if he made any money on that and he said something that made me CURIOUS!

These are his exact words:


“…Not directly Tamara BUT you see, I do this for FREE for people who come to my shop. ONCE they are in my shop, and whilst I SERVE them…Free.. they end up buying OTHER items for which they pay me money…like chocolate, flapjack, water…

But that is not all, now that they know that I serve them free, they seem to LIKE me, therefore keep coming back for more… you see and as they keep coming back regularly that increases my revenue consistantly too!”

And I am standing there thinking WOW I spent fortune learning from marketing gurus who all taught me really the same…

  • Give for free something of a great value
  • Communicate with customers so they KNOW you
  • Give more and more value so they LIKE you
  • Be consistent in your communications so they TRUST you

And it kind of made sense, if they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST Mr. Patel of cause customers go back to him and become his loyal clients so long Mr. Patel keeps on adding value to their lives!

Anyways that is the story how Mr. Patel drives traffic to his shop. What do you use in your yoga studio?


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