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Most yoga clients who stopped visiting your yoga studio WILL come back (unless they moved out) and most of them will bring their friends!

However, primarily you will have to investigate WHY clients stopped coming back in the first place!

The truth is, most people don’t quit yoga because of price, recession or yoga teachers teaching quality! (But that is another story for another time). … cut it short, one of the fastest, and proven ways to win back clients in yoga class and gain new ones are no brainer FREE offers.

In case you are panicing about giving stuff free like most teachers, let me assure you need not be.

Let me warn you though, in order for your free offer to work, you must have a strategy behind your Free yoga offer.

Great news is building yoga clients can be done in 3 easy STEPS!

STEP ONE: Write your customers, or email them, whatever is available for you and ask why they stopped visiting your studio.

STEP TWO: Remind them how valuable they are and how much you enjoyed their presence, and to win them back offer them an opportunity to come and try your class again for free…with a friend…

I can assure you, unless they moved out, they will come back and they will bring friends!

STEP THREE: Now that you managed to get students in your studio be prepared. Make sure you have a great package prepared with special, irresistible offers. Whatever your offer is make it very special, family holiday, annual discount, weekend retreat…

Can hear you asking now, what happens if they don’t sign up?
Great question! now that you’ve rebuilt communication make sure you keep in touch, just remember that you need to be in your clients mind all the time, else they will be looked after by someone else, such as life! 🙂

Happy client retention
Tamara Machavariani


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