How to market yoga workshops and get new students in 7 easy *Offline* marketing steps for Yoga Teachers and Therapists

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Let me share powerful OFFLINE yoga marketing strategies for yoga teachers and therapists in case you need to RAISE emergency cash FAST in 7 simple steps:


1) Decide who is your target market. Go very narrow, for example narrow niche would be “Yoga For National Health Care Services”, or “Massage For IT Professionals Only”. The reason is simple, with a narrow niche it is easier to reach your target yoga market!

2) Go ahead and find at least 100 Institutions in your chosen niche, for example, if you chose “IT Professionals” find 100 companies through your local Yellow Pages, or Business Directories!

3) After you decide how many yoga students you want to have in your yoga workshop, go ahead and SET A DATE and hire a venue, say in the local community centre room for 50 people to practice yoga!

Call those 100 companies up, usually Human Resources are good people to talk to, or if they are located in your neighbourhood walk in, and TELL them you are holding a FREE YOGA WORKSHOP FOR IT PROFESSIONALS

YES I did say FREE, simply because people like to say YES to Free yoga class, however make sure your potential yoga students confirm their attendance by giving you their NAMES AND EMAILS. (You may take a refundable small deposit to secure a booking).

4) After potential yoga students start to sign up for your yoga workshop, continue reminding them about coming event at least 7 times before they arrive.

5) Have ready at least TWO different offers for your potential customers For example:

  • PACKAGE NUMBER ONE: “Special Price For IT Group Yoga Class”
  • PACKAGE NUMBER TWO: “Special Weekend Retreat For IT People And Their Families”

6) Give your BEST and WOW them with your gift of teaching yoga! At the end of the class make an announcement about your 2 special offers you would like to make. Do NOT feel you need to RUSH.

Explain into very details WHAT you offer, WHY you offer, How much it will cost them, and what kind of special discount they are entitled to if they sign up on a day.

Give very SPECIFIC instructions and TELL people EXACTLY what you would like them to do, for example “To sign up for your next weekend retreat, see me at the back of the room and sign up there, we take cash, cheque, cards”

The fact is if you get 50 in the room you are almost guaranteed to get at least 10 new paying customers on the day!

7) Wait, you are not done! Make sure you send attandees follow up emails next day and remind those who have not signed up about “last available places”! That will generate additional sale for you, I’d say another 10 will become your next customers!

Finally NEVER loose contact with your new yoga students

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