5 ways to prepare your yoga advertising for the holidays

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It’s almost the end of Q4 and slowly holiday jingles will get louder and louder, fun as it is, often in many studios the 4th quarter can resemble a ghosted town. The overall attendance can decline and revenue from new students can come to a standstill.

Reasons for this seasonal low tide are different, but mainly reasons come down to…

  • Tighter budget and exhausted financial resources;
  • Holiday travel;
  • General lack of enthusiasm to commitment to anything new during “this time of year”.

Here’s 5 things you can do right now (in Q4) to prepare yourself for stronger Q1 season:

1. Analyze pre-holiday performance: Review your website performance, analyzing Analytics data will provide wealth of information to predict when drop in visitors are likely to occur in Q4 and when to exact to pick up in Q1.

2. Review your studio PPC campaigns. If you have been using PPC campaigns you might notice that historically new leads and conversions start to decline same speed as the jingle ring. But it should not be like that. The trick is to be mindful and prepare for the seasonal changes. Now is the time to focus on all the things you did not have time to deal with, tuning up your campaigns is one of them.

  • Clean up your keywords, review low and higher performing keywords, drop non-performing keywords…
  • Clean up your ads. Review which ads have been performing well and which one of the needs to be adjusted or removed completely.
  • Test new ad copy. Create new small ads copy and schedule them to test for the new year.

3. Discuss your budget with your business partner(s), husband or a significant other. Make sure you understand the budget, many businesses go blank during holidays, often due to lack of response, or lack of resources. You may need to agree on running some ads to keep the studio brand in the spotlight, but pause or even drop some ads entirely.

4. Focus on remarketing… In your Google Ads campaign It’s a good idea to create a list of people who visited your studio website during holidays but did not convert, and follow them with your remarketing ads from the New Year to win their interest back in Q1.

5. Typically your traffic will increase after Christmas and Boxing day, but many businesses would wait till the New Year (mid January), but we have discovered that your potential customers start to pick up right before New Year, as they are in the mood of keeping healthy new resolutions and starting a year fresh. As a business owner you should be prepared for that, that way you are more likely to catch those buyers before your competitors.

Use those tips above as inspirations to prepare well for the holiday season. In the next few days I shall give you more tips (for those not using so much online advertising) how to leverage holidays to attract more new yoga students in your studio.
Go ahead, do those 5 tips today.

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