5 Reasons Your yoga studio advertising will fail and what you can do about it

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Most yoga studio advertising are destined for failure because expectations are too high, and budgets are very low. Decisions on student attractions are based on assumptions rather than data and understanding client behavior.

Whether you are managing your studio marketing yourself or have a manager in charge, ask these 5 questions to determine if your yoga classes or studio is on the right track of building clientele.

1. Why it is important to set realistic goals

Setting unrealistic goals for your studio advertising, such as dominating your town for every client who is stressed out and stiff in joints will most likely result in failure. Instead set realistic objectives who you are trying to attract as new clients and devise a clear strategy for attracting each group of potential clients in your yoga class. With an incremental strategy you can devise successful yoga promotions to target various group of people, from women in their 30s to gentlemen in their 40s.

2. Why having a realistic time frame and yoga studio budget is vital.

Do you like most yoga teachers have unrealistic time frame or budget for the class promotions? You want to post yoga flyers today and pack mats yesterday, with very low investment (we would all like that, but..). Instead determine what is realistic time and budget to get new yoga clients. The more competitive yoga industry gets, more important it is to have a client building system in place that takes into account time and maximizes the budget.

3. Have you chosen the right advertising for yoga?

Doing some sort of social media advertising here and there, dropping odd flyers and sending yoga newsletters randomly is really not enough. If you are running yoga class promotions based on what you think will bring clients think again. If your mats are still empty it’s highly probable that your promotions might be targeting wrong audience wrong time.

Analyzing your yoga business marketing tools and getting back to the basics will help.

4. Why you need a professional yoga website

A successful yoga advertising depends on the successful marketing tools and having a website that is designed to sell your classes is vital. It’s not just how your yoga website looks, but how it engages with the student, encourages to book a class, pick up a phone, book a spot while still browsing. Ask yourself the following…

1. Is your yoga website outdated?
2. Does it have yoga management software? (especially for yoga studios)
3. Can you take online bookings?
4. Is it smart phone, tablet friendly?
5. Does the navigation have intuitive browsing structure?
5. Why tracking and measuring EVERYTHING matters.

What do you need to measure?

Everything. And I mean it’s not enough to measure the outcome of the promotions. You should look at every aspect of your small yoga business, how are the promotions run, how many ways do you advertise yoga classes vs number of confirmed bookings. How many students respond to your yoga promotions?

List every area of the yoga business and start analyzing the sale, profits, repeat customers and… everything.

Om to your healthy yoga business
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