5 Reasons why students don’t book yoga retreat

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Students tell us there are 5 common reasons why they don’t end up booking yoga retreats.

Don’t struggle to get bookings – just avoid these 5 sticking points:

1. “Turned out the websites did not give all information about the yoga retreats”
Treat your website as a messenger… that clearly communicated your mission, vision and provides practical information to students. Imagine you are the student, why would you go on a yoga holiday with yourself? Be clear about your offer, your message, your story, give visitors reason to connect to you.

2. “Turned our the website was not clear how to book”.
Obviously been online is no longer a “luxury”, if your customers have to spend an extra second trying to figure out how to book, call or navigate through your site… you’ve lost them to the yoga teacher next door. Make sure your online system is fully optimized to turn every interested visitor into inquiries.

3. “Yoga Promotions were not clear”
If you run a promotion, make sure people know about it. We have clients running promotions without making them clear to customers what is on offer, what packages are available. Review how you market your promotions to ensure you don’t have to cancel retreats last minute.

4. “I have not heard from my yoga teacher for ages”
Turns out, if you don’t contact your customers, they forget, not only you and your teaching, but they also forget they need a yoga holiday! Keep regular contact with your customers through direct mail, flyers, email newsletters.

There is a reason why we follow step by step system of direct mail promotions and newsletters… they work, they bring customers back to your studio… make sure your retreat promotions are optimized.

5. “Turns out many teachers do what other teachers do”
Running same in-class promotions, or advertising in local papers turns out brings same results over and over, if your desire is to run more regular retreats and fill them too, make sure you change the way you share your message. First of all, have a realistic plan you can stick to, but do something different, something you don’t see much in the yoga industry, experiment, test promotions, that will help you find out what works for your retreats and then stick to winning methods of filling rooms.

And finally, have a patience, creating a new service, or growing is a process that takes time, planning and realistic appraisal. If you plan to run retreats in summer, it is best to start planning right now.

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