How these 3 technologies bring more clients to studio owners

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I am from the generation when apple and blackberry were just fruit, and life seemed less complicated, no surprise many, especially busy studio owners and yoga teachers might find touch to keep up with all the new apps and technology.

Lucky you, every week we are reviewing, recommending and reminding of vital tools you must have in your studio business to maintain the edge of client attraction and retention.

Here are 3 of them:

1. Mobile Marketing
Not long since apple iphone, blackberry, and tablets became more than your five a day, savvy business owners fast understood the power of those little devises to help leverage their business in front of those who matter the most – consumers. SO next time you pick up your gadget, think more than a phone, think texting, and think marketing. For only 3p a text you could be marketing your studio or private yoga classes guaranteed to reach your customers.

We recommend these companies so go ahead and check them out, and if you live outside UK, consult to your trusted friend see what she can recommend.

2. Website Marketing
Those who have a website that is built with online marketing strategy, are taking bookings even when they sleep. What most businesses fail to realise is that yoga website is like running another studio or yoga classes, except you don’t have to pay huge rent and mortgage, you can have it work for you, 24hours/7days a week at no extra cost, selling your services, products and taking bookings. Every month over 5million serious yoga shoppers search for studios in their town, can they find your studio if they search in Google?

Good news to yoga teachers, you don’t even have to be an expert in computer language, just find someone who knows how to do the job you really should not be doing yourself. Yoga Business Academy has been helping small businesses and studio owners like you take their business online and drive clients into the shop, so if you have questions, don’t delay and ask.

3. Newsletter Marketing
Savvy studio owners don’t shy away from collecting valuable customer data of names, emails and addresses, they then use the data to market the studio, and that’s where modern email newsletters are so good. Forget about techno phobia, follow fellow savvy yoga studio owners. Newsletter providers have really done a brilliant job making their systems easy and fun to use, in fact if you can send a regular email, you can do! So simply add the data to newsletter program, then compose a nice promotional email, or serious of emails and with a click of a button broadcast yoga promotions to your customers.

Here are couple of newsletter companies we find very useful for yoga.,, and  are useful as they allow you to add all contacts at once, and recipients, as long as they genuinely gave you their data, do not need to opt-in again, compared to other newsletter marketing softwares. These email newsletter softwares also include easy features that will help you easily create custom templates and forms, integrate social media, broadcast to all recipients or particular group, and track the response rate of your marketing efforts.

Easy, so go ahead and do your homework and never have a quiet studio day again.
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