The uncertain economics of digital yoga industry

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Tired Marriage

Like a tired marriage, the connection between yoga teachers and students has long been becoming dull. “New age” e-marketing, (social media or otherwise) however are causing heartache. Yoga studios and teachers understand they need digital transformation if they are to remain in the competition, but many yoga businesses are too unsure about the real Return On Investment and unaware of missed opportunity costs to co-operate with the (not so new) “e-marketing” market.

Owners of high street yoga studios are wise to be nervous. New digital generation equipped with i-do-all-online gadgets are the customers they need: The Internet promotion-lovers with money. If these yoga students switch to yoga studios that offer “digitally” convenient way of getting yoga clients through their studio instead of them (those with a traditional view of “yoga is not a business”), what then?

Digital marketing is awfully convenient, and not only for yoga business owners. For customers as well. Digital yoga promotion reaches targets conveniently any time, any place, offering just a click of a button option to book yoga mat space, inquire, pay and even receive reminders “your yoga mat is on in our hot yoga studio at 2PM” either through smartphone or even simple text. Which means no empty yoga rooms, less cancelled yoga classes and more cash in till!

Awkwardly for yoga teachers that rely on traditional print paper advertising (we know it has its own place, but it is beyond the scope of this article), placing yoga newspaper ads in local magazines or trade shows is costly to say the least, more and more yoga businesses report non-effective paper advertising that costs money without gaining return on investment. And even if magazine advertising works, not many yoga businesses quite figure out yet how to keep clients coming back for more with less advertising, and that’s where digitally savvy yoga teachers can really benefit from having an e-marketing system.

E-marketing can be confusing, however. There are lots of different ideas circulating through the Internet, do this or the other. But it does not have to be complex. The key is finding the right platform that works for your yoga class, and let’s face it, instead of trying to do it all, simply by having a yoga website with regular e-newsletters and promotions can bring dramatic results to your yoga profits. Once this system works, you can move on to the other, more targeted e-advertising and becoming digital cosey with your yoga students and prospects. The key is to keep testing new client attraction strategies, refining, and tweaking to find the best possible combination, and spice up that old-tired marriage with fresh new tricks!

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Tamara Machavariani

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