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Meet Christine
She is a founder and a leading teacher of a Modern Yoga Teacher Training in Vienna, Austria – Yogawege.

She first contacted for the same reason everyone else does, on-going challenges filling training rooms.

After the first initial consultation with Christine, it was obvious she’d been making same mistakes most yoga businesses make in yoga – non-performing marketing… money spent with almost no results, expensive newspaper and magazine ads with no real results. Has that happened to you?

Christine then invested in some consulting time with me. After speaking for a few hours, I decided we had to become a little more creative fast with Christine’s marketing and that’s what we did.

Fast forward and here’s what Christine had to say…

“Tamara with your help I could see things clear enough to get started in a more confident way. As I am new in the city and new in the teacher´s training niche I lacked confidence in the positioning of my yoga training school, and overall how I did  business in my yoga niche. But now I know that I can do it! What we did together people love and I don´t feel pushy anymore. Even though I live in a German speaking country the response is amazing. Thank you Tamara!”

And how’s that for repsonse?

Christine’s teacher training bookings has started to take off, in February- March 2012 take she has welcomed 10 new students, and has launched a new Children’s Yoga Teacher Training School.

What you have to remember is that, to invest in Christine’s teacher training course €3,000 euros is required, or 10 Students – € 30,000, that’s really not bad for a new start-up school I think you’ll agree.

Christine continues working with me directly and our YBA team of experts and specialists work on her business to help maximize her marketing efforts.

I can only see her Yoga business growing, growing and growing even more as she continues to listen, learn and apply new skills in her yoga training business.

I hope this inspired you 🙂
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