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I came away from our session with a really clear sense of the next small but fundamental next steps I need to take for my yoga business to develop on track. Thank you for your clarity and expertise, and for your commitment to helping me, not least of which being the extra time you spent, which I hadn’t expected, and which I certainly felt made all the difference to me leaving with something concrete

North London Yoga Teacher

Wanted to say thanks for a great seminar, it was really well presented, there were some interesting people and I came away with lots of enthusiasm!”


I’ve really enjoyed your seminars and feel they offer tons of helpful advice.


a very big thank you again for Sunday Seminar. It was AMAZING. I now have lots to do!”

North London Yoga Teacher

I thought you would be pleased to see how far my friend Gemma Hannah has gone with your teachings since she attended your workshop at Amrita TTC. I too am following in Gemma’s footsteps, Thanks so much Tamara!”


Thanks for the workshop yesterday, I learnt a lot and will certainly want to take it further ie some of your other workshops. It inspired me…

Once again, thank you so much.


Just wanted to say thank you for Sunday – very inspiring! and much appreciated

(our new site will be online by Christmas with our new audios (yoga classes, meditations, music, online courses etc) so your lecture was VERY timely.”


I have just started of the process of starting my business…


Exactly what I need right now! I have a website, but did not know how to optimise…I can confirm I get a very good response from clients…look forward to put all tips in practice!

Vesna Flo

Just wanted to let you know I have applied the strategies you taught me for my website to increase ranking in Google… which gave me new paying customers for my yoga retreats.

I also started to earn money through a website which I have never thought it possible before

Margherita Dal Pra

I appreciated last Sunday’s seminar as I had not thought of Internet marketing in the way you mentioned. This year I have spent money on postcards which I delivered through people’s doors and also on an advert with So far nothing has come from this (rather ill-thought out) marketing technique. I was impressed when you said you must know you are guaranteed a return …

Anyway, good luck with everything and thanks again Yours in yoga”


Everything you have given so far is extremely valuable and helpful. I look forward to learning more from you in the future

Giselle Toner

Your book is very interesting and helpful.

At present I am changing gear so to speak with my teaching and therapy as I intend to teach one day workshops rather than evening classes, so I am slowly digesting what you say in the book and making plans. Thank you for all your helpful suggestions.


Just wanted to let you know, I’ve followed your marketing advice, it really helped me to re-position my swimming business, win old clients back and keep them coming back for more. Thanks for great advice”

Alexandra Nindl

Thanks for the great info last night, I have found it really usefull


We are so busy – I was going to say you would not believe, except that you would! With the website alone our enquiries have increased exponentially with the result that classes are filling up fast. We are taking workshop bookings, have 2 overseas workshop enquiries, one booked another being organised now and have been approached for classes by a new yoga studio.

And all this and I haven’t even done all the SEO optimizing techniques that you have taught us. Aaron is Bloging though and I love how easy these are for me to post and complete the SEO details increasing the ranking of our website. It feels extremely exciting to be so busy with our own business, we are grateful for your help in creating a beautiful looking BLOG friendly professional website. I know there is much more for us to learn but I’m sure we made the right decision choosing YBA to help launch our business.

Liz and Aaron

She is a founder and a leading teacher of a Modern Yoga Teacher Training in Vienna, Austria – Yogawege.

She first contacted for the same reason everyone else does, on-going challenges filling training rooms.

After the first initial consultation with Christine, it was obvious she’d been making same mistakes most yoga businesses make in yoga – non-performing marketing… money spent with almost no results, expensive newspaper and magazine ads with no real results. Has that happened to you?

Christine then invested in some consulting time with me. After speaking for a few hours, I decided we had to become a little more creative fast with Christine’s marketing and that’s what we did.

Fast forward and here’s what Christine had to say…

“Tamara with your help I could see things clear enough to get started in a more confident way. As I am new in the city and new in the teacher´s training niche I lacked confidence in the positioning of my yoga training school, and overall how I did business in my yoga niche. But now I know that I can do it! What we did together people love and I don´t feel pushy anymore. Even though I live in a German speaking country the response is amazing. Thank you Tamara!”

And how’s that for repsonse?

Christine’s teacher training bookings has started to take off, in February- March 2012 take she has welcomed 10 new students, and has launched a new Children’s Yoga Teacher Training School.

What you have to remember is that, to invest in Christine’s teacher training course €3,000 euros is required, or 10 Students – € 30,000, that’s really not bad for a new start-up school I think you’ll agree.

Christine continues working with me directly and our YBA team of experts and specialists work on her business to help maximize her marketing efforts. I can only see her Yoga business growing, growing and growing even more as she continues to listen, learn and apply new skills in her yoga training business.

Christine, YogaWege

Meet Janice, another yoga teacher from South London.

I first met Janice when she came to my workshops and seminars I’d be holding in London. After a year or so she contacted to ask if we could  help her fill her classes in South London. The problem was Janice had to cancel her classes due to no sign-ups. We worked together for a month or so, and a few weeks ago I received an email from her quote: “…your marketing definitely helped, now I had to add a new group on Tuesdays due to higher demand.”

I thought results were fabulous.

I just got a new update from Janice, ”things have been better – so much so that I’m now doing 2 classes instead of 1 and just started a private.

i also want to say thanks to tamara for making me such a fab website i am even getting appoints booked when i am sleeping.

This is the most income i have received since i started teaching, (unless i taught a workshop)… due to your advise …



Not to long ago I got a call from a Yoga teacher, trainer and healer in Bali. She was having real problems filling her retreat. The price was $4,500 per head. We spoke for a while and she decided to work with me on her trainings.

Linda wanted to fill the room with new students at $4,500.

We spoke and I then used what I know from my own skills in marketing to plan, re-plan, and fill her retreat. Linda took huge action and the result was amazing!

Linda eventually got her 11 students in her Yoga Retreat at $4,800 per head

That’s $49,500 USA

There’s no need to ask if she could pay her rent of course and pay herself a nice wage for helping others!

Next season I helped her to put her latest training together. 15 students at $4,500 and I can tell you… it sold out fast (2months prior event date),

That’s $67,500 teaching what you love

We are now starting working to fill next year training with double student numbers, I can tell you the places will sell out fast.



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