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Establishing yourself as an expert in areas … you already are an expert anyways… never been easier with today’s ability to leverage your knowledge on the Internet, blogging what you love talking about – yoga.

But how can blogging help you sell more yoga classes? Easy

  1. Your yoga studio prospects are searching for yoga classes on the Internet.
  2. Yoga lovers find your yoga blog
  3. Yoga lovers read and like what they see… and come back for more
  4. That “coming back” increases traffic to your yoga blog or website
  5. More website traffic means more yoga lovers can see your studio offers, which means you have more chances to sell your studio services like yoga workshops, yoga retreats or yoga training.

Remember, online, one of the areas you need to be serious about is traffic generation, no traffic – no online visitors – no sale from online – Carefully planned Blog does just that – sends tons of traffic to your yoga blog or website.

Here’s top 5 Do and Don’t when it comes to blogging.

DO: Take your time to plan your blog.You might be enthusiastic first
couple of days to blog about funky new poses, but without
a plan, you will soon run out of ideas AND enthusiasm to carry on blogging. Plus unplanned activities will most certainly cost you wasted time…and money, not a good idea!

DO: Make it a habit to be consistent in your blogging. If you can not sustain writing a blog do not start it in the first place, there is nothing more turn off for your yoga blog visitors than seeing just one or two blogs posted on a cheap looking website. If you have an assistant who can do it for you, great, if that is not an option, create
your own schedule and stick to it.

DO: Blog about interesting facts and helpful tips. No one wants to be sold your services, but everyone wants to know how to sooth their aching back in 3 easy steps or less. If you can give some valid tips and offer genuine solutions you will build trust and credibility.

DO: Add appetizing images. Visual is powerful. It makes reading easy and more fun, so use lots of colorful images that make a statement.

DO: Search engine optimize every blog you write… in other words, make sure your blog is found in number one page in Google. After all there is little use of putting out there great information if people can’t find it.
And if you don’t know how to do it, find someone who knows and ask. You can always get in touch with us if you have any questions.

I hope this helps
Good luck and happy blogging

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