7 things you must know before becoming a yoga teacher

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When it comes to becoming a yoga teacher, there are a few must know facts to look into before enrolling on a course. Intuitive Flow has been running successfully yoga teacher training program in Bali, Yoga Pranala Intensive, and I would like to share FREE report the founder of Yoga Pranala, Linda Madani shared in this short report. To Access CLICK THIS LINK and follow instructions

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  • Find out what every aspiring teacher must look in their teachers training program and more.

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What is Yoga Pranala

Yoga Pranala is a powerful combination of Vinyasa flow, mudra pranala (energy movement), pranayama (breathing), yoga nidra (relaxation) and meditation for self-healing. Through the practice of Yoga postures combined with gentle breathing and movement, life force is activated, stress patterns are released, and the nervous system and glands are stimulated. Increase your awareness of the energy flowing in your body, connect to the energies of the earth and the universe and unite the two poles to access your power, which manifests inside your body as prana. According to the lontars, Balinese sacred texts: Pra means first Prana means power Nala means inner fire Pranala means circulation. Prana and energy movements are essential for the healing of our mind, body and spirit.

What our trainees say love this gift to my self

I love this gift to myself the “spiritual development with Yoga Pranala retreat. As the name states, I truly felt an upliftment, psychic baggage unloaded and a deeper connection to spirit. This gave me great healing and clarity. The ceremony and the spiritual teacher Tjokorda RAi highlighted a transformation week for me. I was humbled before the power of the ceremony and the unique and masterful guidance Linda Madani gives freely and easily with love. Linda steps into the source when teaching. It’s inspirational. It’s healing. It’s spirit moving. I love it.

Kate Nirlipta,Yoga teacher,Australia

It was a very intense, beautiful and inspiring retreat!

It was a very intense, beautiful and inspiring retreat! And I felt strong your love you give to the people and to me. I love your combination of doing the asanas with full awareness of the breath and all what happened in your body… Beautiful how you told us many times to connect our self with the energy of mother earth and father sky in connection with our breathing, and I became even more aware of that this is my base, the base of everybody. I loved your work with the chakras…thank you very much Linda!!!… Breathing, keep releasing”

Olga Jansen, Holland

This retreat for exceeded my expectations

This retreat for exceeded my expectations, Serious, thoughtful, caring, competent, experienced guide and perfect location. Gourmet food with care for the individuals concerns and needs. Tranquil surroundings. First class all the way!

Shirley Ann,Canada

We all have crossroad in our lives & I would highly recommend the retreat

We all have crossroad in our lives & I would highly recommend the retreat to anyone who is at a crossroad. The retreat helped me connect with my energy again & I’m leaving with a big smile and a lot of confidence. Doing yoga in such a beautiful setting has enabled me to feel a part of that beautiful connected. We have been totally pampered both physically & spiritually. Thank you & the divine Miss Linda.

Suzan Standbridge,Australia

 Linda is an inspiring & confident teacher Linda is an inspiring & confident teacher who instructs with compassion & precision. She has brought a dimension into my life which will enable me to continue my spiritual journey. Linda’s passion pervades her entire being this is supported by being in such a magical spot. The staff at Kumara were perfect. Everything done with knowing less humbleness & that lovely Balinese smile to be able to return & continue this path with so many supportive people around can only be a form of the heaven on earth. I bow to you all. Namaste. The depth of Linda’s knowledge is extraordinary, her ability to impart it even more so. She creates a symphony with the visible and the invisible, my heart sings.

Celia Esplin,Australia

 Dear my teacher, Linda

Already passed 3monts more from the end of the course… still now, my various sensation is continuing from the course.
Also, I feel every my friends, person srround me is much more lovely now more than before, and feel much deeply love from them to me,.. and rearized again how deep experience and transformation of the course was..

had some chances to teach to the private Yoga class at private villa. Honestly it was not perfect, because of my nurvousness, but i was so happy to share the yoga class with people and to see them happy after the class. I am deeply appliciated to you to give me the lightness for yoga.

i also become pregnant…I am really happy and thinking that happened because the healthy and wealthy period for phisically and mentaly during the course…so I would like to say from bottom my heart thank you so much for your enlightment guidance.

keep in touch, I will go to your class in near future:)

blessing, Tomoko

 Dear Linda

First of all I wanted to thank you again for all the knowledge you transfered to us, I really appreciated it! I’m not teaching right now because I’m in Australia, but I very much enjoy “just” being a student and learn from many different teacher here. Nvertheless, things are popping up in my mind during the lessons and you were so right when you said that we will remember it when we need it. It’s just beautiful!:-)

Namaste, Franziska

 What did you learn most at the TT

Everything that we need always within. It is important to believe myself and to connect to the unverse for going forward to right path. Be surrendar, then Everything goes well. Love and respect myself and then naturally we love surrounding people, and respect all beings!

Testimonial ;

Yoga pranala intensive course is more than Yoga training course, that is Life transformation program! I feel something mentaly totally shifted at the end of the course, and it let my door opened. I love tehacher – Linda’s way of teaching “indiredtly” sometimes. so we have many chance to think by ourselves, and choose own way in the class. that was great opportunity for me.

And now, I completely understand everything is possible if we connect to the mother earth and Father’s sky. Thank you so much from my heart for your special energy and precious time in my life.

Thank you, Linda.Tomoko

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