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Keep texting, keep writing, texting, writing…make sure every promotional message carries useful information, and greater incentive for yoga studio clients to call again not just sales pitch.

Once you acquire a new customer from your advertising efforts, keep texting, keep writing, texting, writing… here’s why…

Any prospect is a future sales in your yoga studio. Don’t drop promotions just because prospects have not responded yet.

One studio owner asked, “how much is too much?” the answer is simple, keep promoting until they buy. And when they buy, keep texting, and keep writing… And don’t worry, if people don’t want to hear from your studio, opt-outing out never been easier.

It has been proven, it takes at least 27 exposures until prospects take note of your promotions, and until they finally buy. Yes, that means you do not stop texting, and writing after one, or two promotions…you will have to keep texting, keep writing.

People change, and so do their needs, health conditions, baby fat, “oops overdid this Christmas again” etc. For example every time Carry goes on a beach holiday she wants to entirely re-shape her body, look healthy and detox internal organs to help her shift those extra pounds. So when she does, instead of visiting your competitors yoga studio around the corner, you are guaranteeing that your studio will be Carry’s number one choice, and only because you kept texting, writing… and texting 🙂

Happy texting…and writing
Tamara Machavariani
Yoga Business Academy


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