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It’s the first few days of September and I reluctantly find myself taking out a mock leather jacket from the wardrobe. Where we live schools are clearly back and moms are running around in
between kids school runs.

Bad news for holiday lovers, good news for yoga studios.

With people back in towns and cities, it’s time to get busy.

Here’s your September yoga class marketing ideas:

1: Send your customers “Back to school” offer deal via post
2: Send “Back to school” e-newsletter to students, don’t forget to include your offer
3: Update in-studio promotions with September offers
4: Don’t forget to train studio receptionists (if you have one) to upsell and remind of “Back to school” class offers
5: Send a reminder “Back to school” offers again to your clients
6: Send Refer a friend offer, don’t forget to include expiry date to the voucher
7: Start planning your Halloween campaign and get ready for October

Above all, keep on doing a great job and keep it fun 🙂

Tamara from

Yoga Business Academy


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