My wedding week in NYC and honeymoon yoga

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NYC yoga and wedding

The wedding day in NYC was the best day ever:) I could not have imagined a better wedding, we started a day with accidental Thai chi in the Bryant Park, then we were late because Alan would not leave the cafe:)

we were stuck in traffic and had to run last kilometer or so, police officer sent us to the wrong direction, the city hall closes at 3.45 and we arrived all red and sweaty at 3.44 and were married in exactly 2 minutes 16 seconds:) but it was funny and a great little story to

We had dinner in a really cool Italian place in Greenwich Village, me and Alan set separate across the table and we just had a great time all 6 of us.

The rest of the week in New York was just a cool, we like to do what locals do, so ended up visiting couple of yoga studios, my favorite was by far Tara Stile’s StralaYoga in the Village. I think she is really cool and genuine.

Here are some pictures I promised to share with you. Thank you for all your support, it’s been great getting all kind words from all of you.

Now I am back in the office with lots to catch up, but remain tuned as we do have some cool things coming up that will help you grow your yoga students and clients.

Speak soon
Tamara Machavariani Forrest-Smith

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